Marisa Garcia grew up speaking three languages: the traditional Galician of her region in Spain, Castilian Spanish, and English.  The dynamics of language, the etymology of words, and the nuances of meaning have fascinated her from an early age.

As a child, she made up stories for her friends to pass the time.  She wrote novels as early as Elementary School, though none of them quite ready for publication.  Even these early works revolved around adventures in futuristic and fantastical settings.  She wrote a lot of poetry through her adolescence (as you do), but her passion for that art endured.  The tight restriction of poetry, the demand it places on the writer to carefully consider word selection, is a still great influence on her writing style.

She always knew her life would revolve around language.  She took many foreign language courses, including seven years of French.  She studied linguistics and communications as well as literature and creative writing.

Professionally, language has been integral to her career.  She has always pursued work which required her to apply her multilingual and communications skills, and for which a high volume of writing was required.

She is highly focused on and interested in all forms of Media.

Her ear picks up jingles and won’t let them go.  She remembers the lyrics to songs even better than the music.  Jokes which involve a clever play on words make her laugh harder.  Crosswords are a relished pastime.

For Marisa, writing is not only a profession–it is a vocation.


Marisa lives in Denmark with her painter husband and her charming kittens.  It’s a good life.


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